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Let us tell you a story about how our waterproof jewelry came alive.

Gold Alternative: Waterproof Gold Jewelry

Designed for Doers

Rooted in San Diego, Dinot seamlessly blends Scandinavian minimalism with durability. Our journey began with a common dilemma – the persistent issues of jewelry tarnishing and causing skin irritation. Determined to reshape this narrative, we embarked on a mission to create waterproof and hypoallergenic jewelry that can be worn throughout your daily activities without tarnishing or turning green. Because you all deserve some beach, sweat, swim, rain, gym and the list goes on - jewels.


Bling without the Sting

We put a lot of heart into making sure each piece can handle anything life throws at it. Our jewelry isn't just about making you look good; it's about making you feel good, and comfy, too. That's why all our jewelry is hypoallergenic and made with surgical stainless steel, one of the safest metals available.

And guess what? We use a plating process developed by NASA called Ion plating, or physical vapor deposition. That's like armor for your jewelry– it's 10 times tougher than traditional plating methods, meaning we can live our lives and be active without worrying about our jewelry tarnishing. And that's the secret behind our waterproof gold jewelry.

Yeah, we like to keep things classy without breaking the bank.

Developed for Space

  • Hypoallergenic

    100% free of nasty chemicals and heavy metals.

  • Recyclable without Hazardous Waste

    Our jewelry is recyclable and produces minimum waste from production. We don't use any nasty chemicals in the production and does not produce any hazardous waste.

  • Waterproof thanks to NASA.

    Developed for space, our jewelry is plated with a technology developed by NASA, called ion plating. Think space-age durability, designed for earthlings.

Our Stuff Will Never Turn Green

Our jewelry free is from hazardous chemicals and toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, cyanide, and plastics. Usually, these chemicals and heavy metals are used to make the jewelry appear more shiny, heavy, or blended with gold in the plating process. But stainless steel is strong enough as is, and it does not contain copper - which is what will make jewelry turn blue or green.

That's the shortened version of our story to create our waterproof jewelry.

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